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Zombie Training

Posted by Senior Park Ranger on 10/15/2015 to Reviews

You think you have your dog fully trained for any occasion, but do you?. Sure he's trained to get the paper, find your keys and even be your bodyguard against would be attackers. But is your dog really ready to face a zombie apocalypse? Didn't think so. Well now your dog can be ready and you can live a little bit longer with this Walking Dead Well-Walker Dog Chew Toy. You can play and train your dog at the same time or just let him go to town on this plush zombie. By the time you are done, your dog will be a lean mean zombie killing machine and your brain will be safe in your head for another day. Don't wait too long, get the Walking Dead Well-Walker Dog Chew toy now while quantities last. Click here to order yours today.

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