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Star Wars The Force Awakens Review

Posted by Senior Park Ranger on 12/19/2015 to Reviews
Star Wars The Force Awakens Review
Well the Force now upon us and already breaking box office records all over the World and we're sure it will continue to do so throughout it's run.
Having seen it twice already myself and have been able to rest for a day to let it all sink in, I thought it would be time for a review of the film. I don't want to give away any details of the film and ruin it for those who've yet to see it so I will try to keep this spoiler free.

1st off I thought the film was fantastic, JJ Abrams does a great job of continuing the story set forth with the original trilogy. Introducing us to captivating new characters and bringing back the main characters we've loved for so long. The interacting between old and new was seamless, with good writing and obviously acting. I could feel the chemistry between everyone which makes for the story and emotions to flow and evolve so naturally. Unlike the prequels where quite a bit of the story felt forced, and especially with the love story between Anakin and Padme where it was so unemotional and fake.

All the new actors did great jobs with their roles, there is lots of laughs which are very well timed, and when it's serious you can feel it. I could certainly relate to most of the character and understand their points of views which is a testament to the dialogue and performance. It's very difficult to pick who was a standout, and an argument could be made for everyone. Personally I think my favorite has to lie with BB-8. And that is by no means undermining the others in their performances.

Effects, as you'd expect were amazing and I really loved how the scenes were shot, some of the styles really enhanced the action more. There was certainly a throwback to the original as the use of practical effects and aliens were used prominently. Unlike in the prequels where it was more CGI heavy with those aspects.

I think where the films falls a little bit is the relating to the Original film too much. at times it can almost feel like you are watching a reboot. It's a little bit disappointing but at the same time doesn't overly detract from the enjoyment of the film. I think Abrams was a little bit handcuffed given the history of the franchise. But now that he's set up well with this films and done his duty with respect to the prior stories it will be very interesting to see where Episode 8 takes us as he will surely have a lot more freedom with it.

So basically, if you love Star Wars then you will definitely love this film and even if you don't love Star Wars or are familiar with the franchise, I think you will still enjoy the film and have fun watching it.

Would love to hear what you thought of the film, please feel free to comment below and share your thoughts, good or bad.
Just please keep it clean for the kids, and no badmouthing another's opinion. If you don't agree that's fine, please just debate it in a friendly fashion.

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