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Justice League Part 1 - Krypton: Futures End

Posted by Senior Park Ranger on 6/27/2019 to Stories
Justice League Part 1 - Krypton: Futures End
Across the universe, on the peaceful planet of Sym the despot ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid has invaded and is intent on draining the planet of its resources and enslaving its population. The people of Sym try to push back the forces of Darkseid but they are greatly outmatched. When the battle seems lost, hope arrives for the Symians. Sinestro, a member of the legendary Green Lantern corps accompanied with 2 other Green Lanterns; Abin Sur and Keldon Backu, mount an offensive and start to push back Darkseid’s army. Seeing these turn of events, Darkseid orders his elite assassins into the battle. Led by Kalibak (son of Darkseid) 5 ferocious and deadly females known a the Fatal Furries attack the Green Lanterns. It’s a heated battle and the Lanterns are pushed to their limits, but their experience and willpower are unmatched and they start the push back Darksied’s forces. Seeing the tide turn, Darksied knows he must split up and isolate the Green Lanterns. Communicating with Karbala, Darksied orders him to topple a nearby building which will result in it killing hundreds of civilians below. Breaking off from the others Kalibak focuses his attention on the appointed building which stands high in the city. 
Realizing Kalibak has diverted his attention Sinestro alerts Sur, but he’s tied up battling with 2 of the Fatal Furries. Keldon overhears Sinestro and exclaims that he’s got the situation handled. Sinestro tries to warn him back as Keldon is the most inexperienced of the 3 and is Sinestro’s apprentice. But Keldon ignores his teacher and attempts to take on the mighty Kalibak. He put up a decent fight but it doesn’t take long for Kalibak to show how outmatched the young Lantern is and gains the upper hand. Beaten down and badly injured Keldon lays helplessly at the feet of Kalibak. Kalibak yells out to garner the attention of the other 2 lanterns. Sinestro and Abin along with the fatal furries stop their fighting and focus on Kalibak who shows them the injured body of Keldon who can barely move. Kalibak who is without mercy, lays down a killing blow, with his foot. Sinestro screams out in pain and rushes to take out his feelings of intense grieve and anger on Kalibak. Abin tries to warn Sinestro back but is ignored. Sinestro attacks with such ferocity that even the migh of Kalibak is. Taken back, but the attack is cut short as 3 of the Fatal Furries ambush and subdue him. The remaining 2 Fatal Furries attempt to Subdue Abin Sur but he is able to escape their clutches. The Fatal Furries regroup and back up forces now arrive to assist in the capture of Abin. Knowing defeat is now inevitable and trying to rescue Sinestro will be in vain, Abin Sur fights every instinct and feeling in his heart and retreats back to OA. As he flees, he softly says hell back back for his friend Sinestro and avenge his fallen Lantern brother Keldon. 
The battle is over and Darksied has won, his forces stand victorious. He orders the imprisonment of all Symians where some will be enslaved to assist with mining of Sym resources to be used for fuel and the betterment of Apokolips. Those not so lucky to be enslaved, will be sent tot the transformation camps where they will be drastically changed into a Parademon and become part of Darksied’s forces. Darksied though has other plans for Sinestro. Seeing more potential for him. A Green lantern, Sinestro is specially trained and can offer much more. He orders Sinestro to be sent to Desaad, a high ranking member of Darksied’s elite. Dead is responsible for creating the transformation process use to create Parademons, He is also Darksied’s trusted source to interrogate prisoners and discover the secrets they possess.
Before they leave Sym, and leave the civilization extinct Darksied orders Brainiac (another creation of Desaad) to download and safeguard all cultural and scientific knowledge of the Symian people, as well as the shrinking of the capital city to serve as a trophy of his conquest. Brainiacs only function is the preservation of a defeated civilization’s history and accumulated knowledge to help Darksied discover the secret of the Anti-life question an unlock unlimited power. 
Back on OA (home of the Green Lantern Corps) Abin Sur arrives, and updates the Guardians to the devastation of Sym, and the loss of both Keldon and Sinestro. Wanting to mount an offensive with more Lanterns to take down Darksied and rescue Sintestro Abin Sur is met with unwillingness from the Guardians. Abin Sur and sense fear from Darksied in the Guardians, he tries to reason with them to change their minds but it unsuccessful. Frustrated and disgusted with the inaction from the Guardians, Abin storms out vowing to do something.
Elsewhere far away from Sym is Krypton, home of the Kryptonians, a scientifically advanced civilization. Kryptonians are a mostly peaceful race, where science and technology are the cornerstone of their culture. While they do possess a formidable military their focus is defence and to live in peace with other races and worlds. Currently Krypton has enjoyed longtime peace, and there is now discussion of dismantling of the Military due to a recent scientific invention by the planet’s foremost scientists Jor-El, which once deployed will encompass the planet in an impenetrable shield. Threatened by this invention is Zod, Commander and General of the planet’s military. this will result in his armies to disbanded and result in him becoming nothing more than a babysitter.  
A heated debate rages on in council chambers with Jor-El advocating for the approval to begin contrstuction of his defence system. Jor-El demonstrates his much smaller scale version. It is well received as the demonstration goes off without a glitch. The ruling council unanimously give approval and Zod is furious. He begs them reconsiders but to no avail, but his begging turns to rage and he vowed to make them see the errors of their ways.  
Meanwhile, word of Jor-el's advancement spreads and reaches Apokolips to the ear of Darksied. Upon hearing of Krypton's new defence system he knows he must possess this, it will mean Apokolips itself will become unstoppable and his mission will be assured of eventual success. He quickly dispatches a small group of spies to Krypton to gain any sort of tactical information which can be used to Darksied’s advantage and when Apokolips finally reaches Krypton space, they will be ready.
On OA, Abin Sur has recruited a small group of Lanterns to help him in his mission to free Sinestro. Accompanied by Kilowog, Fuzzywig, Zander Pak and Tek-Ur, the Lanterns travel off to pick up the trail of Apokolips. 
Back on Krypton, one of Darksied’s spies comes aware of Zod and his hatred, and believes this can be used to help Darksied. The spy proceeds to secretly subdue Zod and then transport his back to Apokolips for Darksied.
Once on Apokolips, Zod is put in a cell, till he awakes and is then taken to Darkseid. Using Zod’s intense hatred of Jor-El and his abomination of an invention, Darkseid promises Zod revenge and the power to reshape Krypton as he would see fit. Easily manipulated, Zod agrees to help Darksied, unaware of his true intentions for Krypton. 
Zod eager for revenge and desperate for true power, travels back to Krypton to begin sabotaging Krypton’s ability to repel Darksied’s coming invasion.
As darksied arrives, Krypton’s forces are deployed and are ready for the coming battle. General Zod is held up in the command centre along with the ruling council and Jor-El. Playing his part General Zod pretends to stand with his people, but as Darksied attacks, Krypton main defence weapons and vehicles start to self destruct. Distracted and confused by this, the council react erratically in fear. Jor-El remaining calm, steps towards the computers to see if he can help in some way. 
Using this moment, Zod strikes at the council taking a measure of his revenge, shooting the members. Jor-El and one other member of the council are able to take cover. Jor-El was able to stop the self destruct sequence, but the defences have been greatly weakened. Darkseid starts his attack.
Jor-El sees what Zod has done, he is shocked and surprised, he hears the calls for help coming from the communications systems. The troops on the ground are in dire need of help, but with no one manning the command centre, back-up can not be sent or a plan of defense be co-ordinated. Jor-El overhears Zod communicating with Darksied, telling him the defense are weakened and the defense plans will soon be in his hands. Jor-El calls out to Zod, accuses him of being a traitor to his people and that he will never allow the defense system to fall into his or Darksied’s hands. Zod just laughs and then tell Jor-El that is not he who is the traitor but it is Jor-El that’s the traitor, just by inventing the defense system. That Jor-El betrayed Krypton and the General Zod whom he was jealous of and sought to destroy. It was Zod’s responsibility to protect Krypton not Jor-Els. Jor-El, claimed back that Zod was blinded by hatred, and has now caused the destruction of Krypton, knowing that Darksied will not let Krypton to survive after he gets the Defense System. 
Jor-El knows he must find a way to take out Zod, or is lost. He tries to work a plan with the council member but they are not trained for this, he is weak and scared. Jor-El is on his own, then he hears through the comms the voice of a long time friend.... Abin Sur. This is his moment.
Back up has arrived in the form fo the Green Lantern strike force, Abin tracked Darksied to Krypton and vows Krypton will not suffer the same fate as Sym, not as long as there is still life within him. 
Darksied frustrated with the arrival of the Green Lanterns, dispatches the Furries and Kalibak. But this time, the lanterns are expecting this, and are more prepared. The strike team engage the furries while Abin Sur goes off to find Darkseid and hopefullly his brother in arms Sinestro.
Searching Darksideds palace, Abin Sur comes upon Darkseid sitting peacefully on his Throne Chair as if he was expected. 
Abin determined to find Sinestro, demands the information from Darkseid, Without any hesitation, Darkseid complies and even calls out for Sinestro to join them. A figure walks out, it is Sinestro, but he’s different not just clothing, but he doesn’t seem to be the same. Angrily Abin Sur asks what Darkseid did to him. Darkseid calmly retorts that he simply freed him from his fear and taught him to use it.
Sinestro smiles, and tells Abin that Fear is much stronger than will and hold out his hand which is adorned with a Yellow energy ring. Stunned and confused, Abin asks Sinestro, what did hey do to him.adn says whatever it was that he can help and it’s not him who’s acting right now. 
Sinestro just smiles again and then blasts Abin with a strike of yellow energy from his ring wounding Abin Sur and sending him flying back to the entrance way. 
In the command centre, the distraction from the Green Lanterns has caught the attention of Zod adn given Jor-El the moment he needed. He surges to Zod and disarms him of his weapon, they begin to fight hand to hand. Zod the military commander is highly trained, and a better fighter than Jor-El, but it is not the mis-match Zod believed. Jor-El has had some training himself, and puts up a good fight but he knows this is not a fight he can win. He is able to set Zod back for a second and mount a retreat with the council member.
Badly injured from Sinestro’s initial attack, Abin, tries to fight back but his wounds are expertly placed. Sinestro knew exactly where to hit him and with his skill, did not miss his targets. Abin knows the outcome to this fight, and turns his efforts to escape.
High above the battle, the rest of the lanterns are holding their own against the Fatal Furries, turning the battle to the side of Krypton. But with the arrival of Sinestro, the Lanterns are taken back in surprised allowing the advantage to sway. And Darkseid himself decides to make himself seen by entering the warzone. One of the Lanterns try to attack Darksied but is quickly defeated and killed. Sinestro takes out another Lantern and the Fatal Furries gang up and destroy the remaining team.
Hunted by General Zod, Jor-el finds his way to his lab, and transfers all data on his invention into a storage crystal to keep his defense system from falling into Darkseid’s and Zod’s hands. As he does this, he calls home to his wife Lara, and attempts to explain all that is and will happen. They must escape the planet, Jor-El trusts that Lara will make the preparations while he finds his way to her.
The streets are overrun with Parademons, the Kryptonian forces fight valiantly, but they are out-numbered. Jor-El fights his way through the city, and comes upon a hapless figure. It’s Abin Sur, he’s fighting for survival himself. Jor-El tends to Abin, helping him and together they find cover nearby. Jor-El examines the extent of Abin’s injuries and attempts to try to stop the damage. While not a medical doctor Jor-El has some knowledge and does what he can. Using some medical resources found at the premises. After a situation update, they both leave and head to Jor-El’s home. Once there they are joined by Lara who holds his newborn son Kal-El, along with them is Jor-El’s brother Zo-El, his wife Alura, and their daughter Kara.
Darksied has won, the Green Lanterns are no more the Kryptonian defenses are breached. Both Darksied and Sinestro survey the battleground, when General Zod makes contact. Zod tells Darksied that Jor-El has escaped with the plans. Unhappy with the news Darksied orders Zod to hunt Jor-El down and retrieve the plans no matter what. 
Sinestro turns to Darksied and tell him that Abin Sur is most likely still alive and attempting to find help. Agreeing with Sinestro’s assertation, he orders Sinestro to find and bring Abin Sur back to him. 
In Jor-El’s home, final steps are being taken to ready their ship for escape. Lara gives Kal-El to Kara, and they board the ship, Kara promises to protect Kal-El.
Time has run out though as both General Zod and Sinestro have traced their prey to Jor-El’s home. With some Parademons with them, they stand ready to attack. Zod, calls out to Jor-El, telling him to surrender himself and Abin Sur, Zod promises that no one need be hurt especially his wife and child. Sinestro calls out to Abin Sur right after, telling him it’s over and come out to face his destiny. 
Jor-El, Zod-El and Abin look at each other, and then back at their family. They try to usher the wives to the ship and to take off, but they will not hear of it, they will not abandon their husbands. Abin steps up and tells them all to go, That he will stay behind and give them time to escape. 
Jor-El knows it’s a hallow gesture, Abin’s injuries are too much to provide any type of fight. Jor-El gives Abin the crystal with the Defense plans and asks him to protect it and the children. It will be Jor-El, Zod-El, Lara, and Alura to stay back and give them time to escape, it’s the only way if they hope to succeed. 
 Abin boards the ship and takes off, just as the others open fire on Zod and Sinestro, hiding notice of the ships escape. It’s doesn’t take long till they are subdued but the goal is achieved.  Sinestro not seeing Abin Sur anywhere tries to question Jor-El but to no avail. Nor is Zod successful at obtaining the defense plans.
Shortly after, they are gathered in the council room before Darksied. He demands knowledge of Abin Sur’s whereabouts and the plans he has of the defense system. Refusing to answer Jor-El stands defiant, even as attention turns to Lara. but Zor-El does not have the same level of resolve. He begs Darksied for mercy. Zor-El divulges that Abin Sur escaped with plans on a ship. 
Darksied orders both Zod and Sinestro after the ship abd to secure the defense system plans while Desaad makes his new guests comfortable. 
Aboard the escape ship, Abin Sur see the ship is on a preset course to a more primitive part of the galaxy and once their, they may be safe but the galaxy is still in peril as long as Darksied is loose and is searching for the plans he now possesses. Plus, it is only a matter of time till he tracks them down. Abin attempts to divert the course that Lara has preset in, but is unsuccessful. He sees the fear in Kara as she is holding Kal-El and realizes that their safety is now just as important. Abin leaves the controls and attends to comforting those now in his care, but soon the proximity alarms sound and the ship starts to shake. 
General Zod and Sinestro have caught up to them. Abin Sur takes to the controls and studies the situation. They are near the spacial jump coordinates that’s been preset into the navigation array. He only needs to by themselves a couple of minutes and then they will be out of reach. He has weapons but not very powerful.  Abin uses his piloting skills and avoids as many hits as possible but he can’t avoid them all. Playing possum he cuts power to make it look like he has no propulsion. Luring Zod and Sinestro in closer. When near enough Abin turns on his propulsion and makes a speed burst away, while using the blasters to shoot at Sinestro and Zod. At that short of range even the weakest of weapons can do some damage. Sinestro fires again at Abin, making some critical hits, but it is too late. Abin has reached his position adn the ship jumps out of sight and far away. 
The spacial jump makes a journey that will take decades only last a few moments, but the damage has been dealt, and the ship will not make the entry to the planet they are heading towards.
the escape pod has been damaged during their escape, the only choice is the use the stasis tubes which Jor-El had installed for long journeys. These tubes will put the inhabitant in a form of hibernation where aging and time will move at an extremely slower pace, contrary to the outside.
Abin turns and tells Kara she must remain brave, stay hidden and protect Kal-El. Kara puts Kal-El in one of the tubes then herself in another. Once secured, Abin activates Kara’s pod. He turns toward Kal’s to activate it but the ship is in bad shape and is starting to break apart. There is no time to activate Kal’s pod and he must launch them both, now! Abin makes the difficult choice to leave Kal’s pod alone and proceeds to send both tubes to the planet ahead. 
Once away, Abin sends a distress message to OA, hoping it will reach the Guardians and they send help. Knowing it will only be a matter of time before they are found, Abin continues past the planet hoping Kara and Kal-El will be safe.
The ship systems start to shut down, Abin uses all his skills to keep the ship going as long as possible but eventually power is drained, and he is left drifting, until another ship appears. It's the Green Lanterns, who take the ship and abin into their cargo hold and head back to OA.
Kal-El’s pod enters through an asteroid field and capture several asteroids in its wake. As it enters the atmosphere the ship is on pace for an inhabited area, with all the asteroids following behind a meteor shower rains down on the surface below causing significant damage to the town and surrounding area.
Kara’s pod gets struck by some of the rogue asteroids caused by Kal’s Pod and goes off course. Kara enters the atmosphere and crashes in a desolate area of the planet’s sourthern pole region.
Back on Krypton, General Zod and Sinestro return to Darksied to explain what happened. Darksied furious with their failure, orders them both back out to find the defense system no matter what, and to not return until they do. 

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